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Volunteers get to be around horses and learn!  Our volunteers are sometimes able to ride as the "tail trail guide" as the last horse in the string riders. Mostly, though, volunteers are needed to keep barn operations going such as helping feed, groom, clean tack and aisles of the barn, keeping stalls and paddocks clean, and helping line guests up to head out for a ride!

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Sponsor a friend

Sponsor a Friend

Sponsoring a horse at our facility assists in giving them the highest quality of care!  When our horses receive sponsorships they get to have special things such as massages, chiropractic work, and occasionally new tack!

Animal Love


We keep a small staff but are occasionally hiring!  If interested in being a trail lead and staff member please fill out the application. We offer competitive pay, raises, and encourage tips!

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Spread the Word

Word of mouth is our FAVORITE method of marketing! If you would love to support us for FREE then please follow our pages on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram as well as share about your experience at Koteewi Equine Experience by H&H Trails!

Also be sure to post, tag us, as well as use the hashtag


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Sponsor a friend
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