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About the Farm

Where our top priority is always the horses.

What We Do

To us, it's not just about trail rides.  We want guests of all ages to experience the peace it is to be in the presence of horses and to learn about the nature that surrounds us. We hire dedicated staff and educate them on all things horse and park related. We take pride in the one-of-a-kind equine experience we offer from our trail rides to our birthday parties all the way to our live music dinners on the farm. Come join us in the fun!

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Who We Are

Koteewi Equine Experience by H&H Stables LLC in Noblesville, Indiana.  

We strive to always improve and seek new ways to offer education and adventure in the equine scene.

On the Horizon

Not only do our plans consist of parties, trail rides, private lessons, and live music events, but we also plan to bring the majestic North American Wild Mustang to central Indiana!  Several of our current trail horses are BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Mustangs and we intend to bring more to Hamilton County!  Eventually our goal would be to promote adoptions of these wild horses and educate on why there is a need for rounding wild horses up in a controlled manor to keep them and the ecosystems of the west healthy.  This topic ties right in with Koteewi Park as it is a pocket prairie! Be on the lookout for more updates soon.

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